Pan Pacific Harmony 2016

Festival 2016

Click here to watch Deke Sharon on stage during the Pan Pacific Harmony festival!

The Pan Pacific Harmony Festival is a brand new festival celebrating all things a cappella! From 13-14 July 2016, the festival will take over Auckland’s Aotea Centre with public workshops and shows for all ages, as well as competitions for youth barbershop quartets and a cappella groups.

For the first time ever in Auckland, attendees will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see Deke Sharon live in action! The “father of contemporary a cappella”, producer of The Sing Off, arranger, on-site musical director, and vocal producer of Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2, Deke has worked with everyone in a cappella from Pentatonix to Anna Kendrick, as well as founding several a cappella programmes.

Whether you’re a music student, music educator or simply a music lover, this festival will help you discover just what you’re capable of, while learning from the best in industry.

See below for participation, tickets, and festival details.

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Whether you’re a music-lover, a contestant, a spectator supporting family/friends, or an a cappella/barbershop enthusiast looking to refine your singing skills, you can purchase tickets here!

Spectator tickets for the Quartet and Group Competitions are available at the door for a $5-10 donation. Tickets to the Educational Workshops with Deke Sharon and the Showcase of Champions are on sale NOW at Ticketmaster. Seats are limited – don’t miss out!

If you’ve registered as a competition contestant (for Group or Quartet Competitions) you will receive a contest registration ticket. This will give you free access to the full two days of competition contests, the Showcase of Champions, and to Deke Sharon’s educational workshop: Introduction to A Cappella. Please note your contest registration ticket must be presented for entry.

Educational Workshops

DEKE SHARON: Introduction to A Cappella

Wednesday 13th July
4:00pm to 6:00pm
ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre, Auckland

Contestants: FREE (contest registration ticket must be presented)
Students: $10 (ID required)
Adults: $20

Tickets available NOW at Ticketmaster.

This workshop will cover:

-Contemporary A Cappella: What is contemporary a cappella and where did it come from? Learn about the current scene by tracing the roots of a cappella from chant and madrigals through a dizzying array of traditions including barbershop and doo-woop, with a look at how all previous styles have influenced the contemporary sound.

-Singing Instruments: 10 years ago, a cappella singing was mostly “bum” and “doo”. Now, people sound like drums, guitars, horns and a myriad of other instruments. Learn how to use one or many voices to sound like instruments, and work them into your arrangements.

-Beginning Vocal Percussion: Vocal percussion has become an essential element in presenting a dynamic, current sound with nothing but voices. Learn the fundamentals of this skill, weaving together bass drum, snare and high hat to provide a compelling groove, and begin to explore some additional sounds like cymbals, shakers, and wood blocks.

-Singing Games: Sometimes used as warm-ups, sometimes used to help build focus, musical precision, or confidence in improvisation. This session teaches a number of different singing games that can be enjoyed by all ages.

-Starting a Group: No need to learn the hard way! From conceptualisation through to your first performance, discover the best way to find members, run auditions, structure your group, build a quick repertoire, and start performing.

DEKE SHARON: A Cappella Masterclass

Wednesday 13th July
7:00pm to 10:00pm
ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre, Auckland

Students: $20 (ID required)
Adults: $40

Tickets available NOW at Ticketmaster.

About the workshop:

In this interactive workshop, six lucky groups or quartets will have the opportunity to work directly with Deke on refining their vocal skills. The audience will gain from seeing how techniques and are applied to a live group. The workshop will cover:

-Close Harmony Blend / Improving Tuning: As singers, we all want the best blend possible. But how? By looking at the four elements of sound (pitch, duration, loudness and timbre), discover how you can improve your group’s blend.

-Improving Tuning: From an understanding of the fundamental elements of sound and how they combine and align into a perfectly tuned chord through a series of exercises, learn how you and your group can maximise your sound without compromising the energy and impact of your performance.

Suitable for singers of all ages, choir and chorus conductors, teachers and vocal coaches. If you’re interested in being one of the six groups to work directly with Deke on stage, please express your interest to

DEKE SHARON: Arranger’s Masterclass

Wednesday 13th July
10:00am to 2:00pm (lunch provided)
Goodman Fielder Room, Aotea Centre, Auckland

$200 per person
Note: Tickets are restricted to 20 participants. Five scholarships for fees are available for students 25 & under upon application.

Request tickets / sponsorship from, please put ‘DEKE tickets’ in the subject line.

This workshop will cover:

-Arranging Critique: This is an opportunity for arrangers of all levels to bring a copy of their own arrangement to be sung by the workshop group and then discussed and critiqued in an open forum with Deke.

-Contemporary A Cappella Arranging: Contemporary a cappella has been around for twenty years, resulting in a dynamic and rhythmic sound and style that differentiates it from barbershop, doo wop, close harmony, and other a cappella styles. Learn how to create a great contemporary a cappella arrangement using a tried and true 10 step formula.

-Advanced A Cappella Arranging: There are few places in the world to study music arranging and even fewer that offer any instruction on arranging a cappella. This seminar will offer ideas and discussion topics to further develop the skills of advanced a cappella arrangers.

Showcase of Champions

Featuring competition winners and special mystery guests!

Thursday 14th July
7:00pm to 9:30pm
ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre, Auckland

Contestants: FREE (contest registration ticket must be presented)
Students: $15 (ID required)
Adults: $25

Tickets available NOW at Ticketmaster.


Quartet Competitions

Wednesday 13th July
9:00am to 3:00pm
ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre, Auckland

Contestants: FREE (contest registration ticket must be presented)
Spectators: $5-10 donation at the door

Includes: International Rising Star, Pan Pacific 25 & Under Quartet Contests, NZ School Quartet Contests. Please see ‘Participation’ tab for competition details.

Group Competitions

Thursday 14th July
10:00am to 4:00pm
ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre, Auckland

Contestants: FREE (contest registration ticket must be presented)
Spectators: $5-10 donation at the door

Includes: Pan Pacific 25 & Under A Cappella Contests, Pan Pacific 25 & Under Barbershop Chorus Contests, NZ School Barbershop Chorus Contests. Please see ‘Participation’ tab for competition details.





Keep up-to-date with festival details and announcements on our Facebook page.




Event Managers: Jo Lyes and Jocosa Bruce:

Marketing Coordinator: Amy Lyes:


Deke Sharon

Deke Sharon

Heralded as the “father of contemporary a cappella”, Deke Sharon is an American singer, arranger, composer, director, producer and teacher of a cappella music. Producer of The Sing Off, music arranger for the film The Social Network and arranger, on-site musical director and vocal producer of Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2, Deke has worked with everyone in a cappella from Pentatonix to Anna Kendrick, as well as founding several a cappella programmes.

Young Women in Harmony:

Sandi Wright – Showmanship


Contemporary, honest and down-to-earth, Sandi brings her lifelong love of barbershop to members of barbershop organisations (Sweet Adelines International, the Barbershop Harmony Society and Harmony Incorporated) as well as pageant participants, youth harmony festivals, show choirs and a cappella jazz choirs. She has a rare ability to communicate with every level of musician – the brand new singer to the most seasoned teacher. Sandi especially loves working with young women, “When young people hear their first overtone and get excited at locking a chord, I relive that same thrill with them.” Sandi was active in beginning the Young Women In Harmony program, and organized the Sweet Teens, a group of singers from the gang-infested areas of urban northside St. Louis, sponsored by Sweet Adelines International and Girls Incorporated.

Paula Davis

Paula Davis

Paula is currently the President-Elect Paula Davis is honoured to soon be serving as our Sweet Adelines International President. She is also a member of the International Board of Directors, a Certified Expression Judge, and International Faculty Member as well a Chorus and Quartet Coach. Paula also serves as the Musical Director of Song of Seattle Chorus in Seattle, Washington. A High School Choir Director for 15 years, she now enjoys teaching, serving, singing and fun with Sweet Adelines around the world. It is her passion and purpose to encourage and inspire women to discover and give their best in every performance and throughout life.

Betty Clipman – Sound


“Joining Sweet Adelines and a quartet revolutionised my life. Becoming an International Quartet Champion brought me so much more than a gold medal and a crown! It seemed to permanently alter my DNA. Good singing became my passion, my avocation and eventually my career. No matter how much I volunteer my time and knowledge to Sweet Adelines as a judge, faculty member, committee member, Queens’ College faculty and/or coach, I’ll never be able to give back more than I’ve received from being a member of Sweet Adelines and the Coronet Club.”

Sharon Babb – Music


Sharon has been an active and devoted Sweet Adeline since 1969. She was the co-director of the High Country Chorus when they won the International Chorus Championship in Honolulu. She has also directed Skyline, Mountain Melody, and Colorado Spirit! She has also served as a chapter and regional administrative leader, a member of the Region 8 faculty, a certified judge in both sound and music, a past judge specialist in Sound, the current judge specialist in Music, a member of the Education Direction Committee, the first master faculty member, a past International Board member, the 2013 Life-Time Achievement honoree,  and a chorus and quartet coach.

Marcia Pinvidic (Current SAI President) – Expression


In the 36 years that Marcia has been a Sweet Adeline, she has steadily developed an extraordinary set of music and people skills, a commanding presence, a signature style and engaging humour, an ear that hears everything and a toolkit that allows her to bring out the best singer each of us has within. She is a visionary with a remarkable ability to create a mural, one brush stroke at a time. Whether it be in her role as director, coach, judge, judge specialist or international music faculty associate, the essence of Marcia is her generous soul – she gives and gives with love, passion and a profound respect for others. Though she would never see it this way, by letting her light shine, she allows each of us to do the same.

Young Men in Harmony:

Matthew Gifford – Singing


Bass singer for the 2014 International Champion Quartet, the Musical Island Boys, Matthew Gifford is an acclaimed coach and vocal clinician who is sought after across the globe. As a singing judge within the Barbershop Harmony Society, Matthew is called on to judge contests across the USA, Australia and New Zealand. Currently a musical advisor to the New Zealand’s Men’s Champion chorus, Vocal FX, Matthew also serves as Vice-President to Barbershop Harmony New Zealand.

David Wright – Music


David, from St. Louis, Missouri, is an arranger and composer of vocal music. He specializes in vocal harmony, especially barbershop harmony, but his work often integrates the close harmony style with jazz, blues, gospel, country, doo-wop, and contemporary a cappella. He is Associate Director and two-time former director for the St. Charles Ambassadors of Harmony, a 150-voice male chorus which won the Barbershop Harmony Society’s International Chorus Contest in 2004, 2009, and 2012, and the silver medal in 2007 and 2008. He has researched the origins of barbershop harmony and is regarded as one of the preeminent barbershop arrangers of all time.

Third judge to be announced soon




Aotea Centre

50 Mayoral Dr
New Zealand
Aotea exterior Theatre refurbished

Flights: Domestic and International flights to Auckland Airport (AKL) which is 20km from Aotea Centre

Train: Train to Britomart Station which is 1.4km from the Aotea Centre

Bus: Bus to Skycity, Victoria Street which is 500m from the Aotea Centre

Car: The Civic Carpark is situated underneath Aotea Centre for under-covered paid parking. Paid street parking is also available within working distance.


Auckland is an energetic full of fun activities to fill in your spare time.




Deke has gifted his arrangement of Joy To The World to our festival. Choose a part—either S, A, T or B, download the learning track and learn it.

If you have no idea which part to choose listen to them all. S and A are usually female parts and T and B male parts but they don’t have to be. You find the one that suits your voice range the best.

Play it over and over again until you know it. Get your friends to do the same thing.

Then get up on stage on Thursday 14th at 3:20pm and sing four-part harmony with Deke as your director!

Joy to the World, all tracks: Download



Want to have a go at harmony singing? Tag singing is surely one of the grandest traditions arising from the field of vocal harmony. A tag is a short passage consisting of an arrangement’s ending. It allows four singers to quickly blend their voices in a few seconds of blissful harmony without having to learn an entire song.

See the links below to download a free booklet of Classic Tags compiled by David Wright – the booklet contains over 100 easy-to-learn, classic harmony tags and sheet music for female voices and male voices.

Classic Tags for female voices: Download

Classic Tags for male voices: Download



Every month, we’ll post the learning tracks for a tag in the Classic Tags booklet, which will help you learn to sing an a cappella voice part. If you’re coming along to our Pan Pacific Youth Harmony Festival in July, you’ll get the chance to sing your part with others that day! See the links below to download your free copy.

Thanks to Jennifer Cooke for the female learning tracks and Daniel Gillis for the male learning tracks. Check out their websites for more!

Tag #69: To Reach The Unreachable Star

Female tracks: Download

Male tracks: Download

Tag #14: Cry

Female tracks: Download

Male tracks: Download

Tag #3: Heart of a Clown

Female tracks: Download

Male tracks: Download

Tag #58: I Know We'll Meet Again

Female tracks: Download

Male tracks: Download

Tag #33: Sleepy Time

Female tracks: Download

Male tracks: Download

About Us

Our mission and purpose

To provide opportunities for young people to develop confidence, leadership, creativity, and resilience through the joy and practice of harmony singing.

Pan Pacific Harmony is a not-for-profit society founded in November 2015.

Our primary purpose is the education and development of youth through harmony singing. We do this through activities and events including education workshops, competitions, performance opportunities and shows. These events and activities facilitate more than just the attainment of musical skill; they also provide a supportive environment where youth can build important life skills and engage with others who share the same interests.

We rely on grants and sponsorships to run our activities and events, and our team are all volunteers. Any profits we make are put back into the education and development of youth.


Why harmony singing?

Singing has power. It has the power to make individuals and communities healthier and happier. But it’s increasingly becoming a spectator sport. We want to change this. We’ve seen how harmony singing can change lives and give young people confidence and resilience to succeed in other aspects of their lives.

Singing cuts across barriers. It doesn’t require expensive musical instruments. All you need is a cooperative group of friends, each with their own special voice. It gives young people a chance to shine and to rise to the top.

Singing is about family and friends. It’s about directly engaging with another human being, sharing talent and working and cooperating on a project together. The spirit of camaraderie that develops among the singers is quite extraordinary.

Singing teaches perseverance and patience. It’s a lot of work. It takes many months of determination and practice. But with all these ingredients coming together, anyone can sing four-part harmony.


Get involved

If you like what we do and want to be part of something special, there are many ways you can get involved as a participant, volunteer, educator or business. For businesses, we offer a variety of sponsorship and partnership opportunities, and would love to talk to you about how we can work together for mutual benefit.

To find out more, please send us an email at


Pan Pacific Harmony

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