Deke has gifted his arrangement of Joy To The World to our festival. Choose a part—either S, A, T or B, download the learning track and learn it.

If you have no idea which part to choose listen to them all. S and A are usually female parts and T and B male parts but they don’t have to be. You find the one that suits your voice range the best.

Play it over and over again until you know it. Get your friends to do the same thing.

Then get up on stage on Thursday 14th at 3:20pm and sing four-part harmony with Deke as your director!

Joy to the World, all tracks: Download



Want to have a go at harmony singing? Tag singing is surely one of the grandest traditions arising from the field of vocal harmony. A tag is a short passage consisting of an arrangement’s ending. It allows four singers to quickly blend their voices in a few seconds of blissful harmony without having to learn an entire song.

See the links below to download a free booklet of Classic Tags compiled by David Wright – the booklet contains over 100 easy-to-learn, classic harmony tags and sheet music for female voices and male voices.

Classic Tags for female voices: Download

Classic Tags for male voices: Download



Every month, we’ll post the learning tracks for a tag in the Classic Tags booklet, which will help you learn to sing an a cappella voice part. If you’re coming along to our Pan Pacific Youth Harmony Festival in July, you’ll get the chance to sing your part with others that day! See the links below to download your free copy.

Thanks to Jennifer Cooke for the female learning tracks and Daniel Gillis for the male learning tracks. Check out their websites for more!

Tag #69: To Reach The Unreachable Star

Female tracks: Download

Male tracks: Download

Tag #14: Cry

Female tracks: Download

Male tracks: Download

Tag #3: Heart of a Clown

Female tracks: Download

Male tracks: Download

Tag #58: I Know We'll Meet Again

Female tracks: Download

Male tracks: Download

Tag #33: Sleepy Time

Female tracks: Download

Male tracks: Download