Below are the photos taken for the Pan Pacific Youth Harmony Festival. They have been sorted based on the quartet or group name. If you wish to view them and/or purchase a copy for yourself, please click on the photo featuring the quartet or group of your choice and you will be taken to our photographer’s website.

Quartet Photos

C’est La Vie ZEAL Horsey Quartet
Surging Fourth Eufouria Coco
Looking Sharp Refined Filleharmonics
Babytones MarvelUs Basic Pitches
Virtutti Harmonyholics Feminims
Truly Roskill The Ladies Transcendents
Timbre Lioness Quartet Chord of the Rings
The Mission

Group Photos

Mic Testers Tresbelles – A’Cappella Set Mt Roskill Grammar
Baradonnas – A’Cappella Set Embellished Launceston Church Grammar
Macapella Cantabile RPGO
Sultans of Sing The Fellas Crimson
Hobsonville Point A’Cappella Tresbelles – Barbershop Set Baradonnas – Barbershop Set
Viscount Voices